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It probably goes without saying (at least to the people who know me), that I’m a fan of Jackass and other spin off shows from those guys. Who doesn’t love watching dudes hurt themselves and each other in such an entertaining way? I don’t even hate the shit or puke scenes.. I mean, I don’t love those bits, but they don’t stop me watching and enjoying.

Last night I went and watched professional idiot, Steve-O, have a go at stand up comedy. I really enjoyed it, although I knew I would, even though it was more about the stand-up than the tricks. He’s a naturally funny guy with more than a few dodgy stories under his belt. Many were about his bent peen, problems with premature ejaculation, and interesting sexual encounters.. everyone’s favourite topics!

Below are some clips I took from the show. I sat 4 rows back from the stage, so they were great seats. These are mostly of the tricks he did (apart from the first clip which is a funny story). They’re not necessarily in order, and not necessarily the best quality, but you’ll get the idea. There is always at least one dickhead a crowd who thinks they’ll be cool and heckle the performer and it was no different here.. The guy went right up to the stage at one point, but got thrown out in the end.

The worst thing that ever happened to Steve-O during an intimate encounter

The ol’ lemon in the eyeballs trick

How to get free beer for life

Tricks with fire, and a heckler encounter

Knife Trick


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It has been a while, but I had the urge to crank out a few more geeky cupcakes, this time with an iPhone/iPad game theme..

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Chances are, if you’re a geek, you’ll like one of these next cupcakes..

If you want to see how much more elaborate I got with the nekkid cupcake theme, then you can check out my Flickr stream for the comprehensive female/shemale cupcake pics.. You know you want to..dirty bastard..

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I don’t have any specific cupcake decorating themes lined up at the moment, so I’m randomly making some of the ones which have been requested by friends. The good thing is, I still have tons cupcakes in the freezer I can use, so it’s convenient to take some out to decorate without doing the whole baking part..

Anyway..here’s Vault Boy and Link from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

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My latest cupcake theme is based on some of my favourite computer games I used to play when I was a kid.  For the record,  my brother totally used to cheat when it came to Spy vs Spy and Bruce Lee.. I swear I lost every game to him!! 😛

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Today I tried a new cupcake recipe – Martha Stewart’s Devil’s Food Cupcakes , and along with it, I went with a Horror Movie theme for my decorating (quite fitting really).

I started off well and I think the first couple looked pretty good, but as the day wore on, and interruptions happened etc.. I felt lazy and didn’t do a very good job on the last few.. (I don’t think I need to point out which ones these are, it will be fairly obvious they are shit).

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Apparently someone at All things cupcake thought one of my recent cupcakes (the decapitated head), was worthy of a mention on their blog, which is pretty awesome and flattering. I like the fact that they linked to my Flickr stream, so that unsuspecting people will also have the chance to stumble across my other more offensive cupcakes muahaha!

And to add to the excitement of it all, I get to see feedback about my cupcake from complete strangers on their Facebook page as well, so of course this makes me feel very motivated when it comes to my next lot of cupcake creations. I have already started doing some sketches to get an idea of how I’m going to do them.

Also, I realised after my last couple of attempts at decorating that a knife and skewers don’t make the job very easy, so I ordered a few fondant tools and new gel colours the other day, and once they get here I’ll get cracking! Hopefully this will help me achieve more of what I’m hoping for..

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