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Holy Mackerel!

I just had to share this craptastic flyer that arrived in the mail the other day.. You know, it’s customary for good little boys and girls to get some sweet treats put into their Christmas stockings on the big day, right? But what about all the naughty little boys and girls? Well, this store caters for them too apparently..


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Now I see it!

Ahhh.. so now I see why people started using the term “pear shaped figure”. I suppose the thought never really occurred to me until I too discovered a pear with its own buttcrack. Perhaps back in the old days when they came up with that term, pears with buttcracks were in abundance.

Also, I’m beginning to think I need to create a new category “pics of things that look like body parts”.. I dunno, maybe this is the last one, so a whole new category may be pointless. Something to lose sleep over I’m sure..

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Wait for it…

Am I really the only one with a dirty mind? Really?..

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It wasn’t a great day for cupcake decorating today.. I didn’t get the brown icing right as I decided to try white chocolate instead of the usual milk chocolate, and also in general was a bit rough.. But oh well..it’s all good practice for…something…

“Hidey Ho!”. Mr Hanky literally looks like shit.

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..or do dried pears look a bit like… you know…

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Ok, so since the last lot I posted, there were a few special requests.. I won’t explain what they are… If you know, you know..

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Today I tried my hand at making some geek cupcakes.. To clarify, they are not a special recipe or anything, they are just normal cupcakes (thanks Edmonds cook book), but with a geek theme. It’s my second ever attempt at cupcake decorating (not counting the usual pebbles, sprinkles and mini marshmallow toppings which my kids like to use).

Many of these ideas came from teh interwebs, so yeah – I basically copied what other people did, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t see any other Rageguy or goatse cupcakes out there, so maybe other people will copy my ideas now. Seems fair. I mean, who wouldn’t want to eat the image of a gaping anus in cupcake form?

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