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It probably goes without saying (at least to the people who know me), that I’m a fan of Jackass and other spin off shows from those guys. Who doesn’t love watching dudes hurt themselves and each other in such an entertaining way? I don’t even hate the shit or puke scenes.. I mean, I don’t love those bits, but they don’t stop me watching and enjoying.

Last night I went and watched professional idiot, Steve-O, have a go at stand up comedy. I really enjoyed it, although I knew I would, even though it was more about the stand-up than the tricks. He’s a naturally funny guy with more than a few dodgy stories under his belt. Many were about his bent peen, problems with premature ejaculation, and interesting sexual encounters.. everyone’s favourite topics!

Below are some clips I took from the show. I sat 4 rows back from the stage, so they were great seats. These are mostly of the tricks he did (apart from the first clip which is a funny story). They’re not necessarily in order, and not necessarily the best quality, but you’ll get the idea. There is always at least one dickhead a crowd who thinks they’ll be cool and heckle the performer and it was no different here.. The guy went right up to the stage at one point, but got thrown out in the end.

The worst thing that ever happened to Steve-O during an intimate encounter

The ol’ lemon in the eyeballs trick

How to get free beer for life

Tricks with fire, and a heckler encounter

Knife Trick


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I think the humidity just gets to some people more than others.. it really angries up crazybitches’ blood anyway!

Tonights argument happened because crazybitch gave her husband 2 options.. help out with dinner, or sit back and relax. He said he would help out with dinner..but apparently had a change of heart and decided to sit back and relax after all.. BUT since he LIED and said he wanted to help, then didn’t, well obviously that’s just asking for trouble!!! According to crazybitch, if he had admitted in the first place he wanted to relax then she would have been totally fine with that and hence no argument would have occurred…. Can you smell that? Smells like bullshit..

It went on for an hour or so, but thankfully you don’t have to listen to it all.

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For some reason all the male ducks have buggered off and I’m left with only female ducks at the moment. Don’t know what that’s all about? But either way, they still amuse my kids and I, so here are some more crappy duck clips from my place.

Just call me the Pied Piper….only without the rats.. and tights.. or magic pipe….
Ok. Just call me crazy duck lady…

Nice catch buddy!

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Things have been a little quiet on the crazybitch neighbour front recently, but there has been a little more activity over the last few days.. (I’m guessing she doesn’t handle this time of month very well iykwim?). Todays argument seems to have been sparked by her husband doing something wrong in the home renovation department. After over an hour or so of relentless nagging on her part – this was the best he could come back with. Either he was exhausted from all the nagging and/or botched renovations, or crazybitch was right.. he really does need to “grow some balls”..

Too many cicadas…

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Here are my kids’ dinosaurs (she calls these ones longneck and bigmouth), with some crazybitch mixed in just a little… It was a very windy day today..

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I was sorting through some of the files on my laptop and stumbled across this clip I took back in November. There was a cheeky sparrow hanging around the deck that I wanted to capture, but guess what happens to be going on in the background?! I may as well file this under “crazybitch” too I guess..

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I live next door to a woman whom I have nicknamed “crazybitch neighbour” due to the constant yelling and screaming she does at her husband on an almost daily basis. The fights are generally one sided, and go on for quite a while as neither party seems to want to just “drop it”. It’s both equally entertaining and annoying, which is why I haven’t actually told them to shut up while they’re going at it. I probably should though, as my kids are hearing this as well and I’m not too keen about them walking around dropping the f-bomb like crazybitch (yes, I swear, but not around the kids).

Perhaps she’s not always a crazybitch, I don’t know..I don’t know either of them, and in the years I have lived next door to her we have only spoken a handful of times. He moved in about a year ago and they have been married less than 6 months, so I guess you could still call them “Newlyweds”. Do you feel the love?

Today’s argument appears to have started because of potatoes. We all know how infuriating potatoes can be.

Oh no you didn’t! (Did she just say “blowjob and a massage?”)

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