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So hopefully you have already created the relevant lists for your Facebook friends, but if not – you can see how to do this here. You can still use the following instructions to add individual names of people instead of groups, however lists make it easier to manage multiple people you may want to restrict access to.

In this example, I’m going to show you how to restrict access to your profile so that a certain list cannot see your facebook wall posts, specifically, any of your status updates or links. It does not automatically hide all activity such as photo albums, “likes” or friend activity.. they are separately managed.

1. Select the dropdown arrow from the top right-hand menu near your name, and select “Privacy Settings” (or click here).

2. On your privacy settings screen you have likely got it set by default to “Friends” (screenshot below), instead, select “Custom”, which will prompt you with the “Custom Privacy” box (see step 3)

3. In the “Hide this from” field, start typing in the name of the new list you created and this will ensure that by default, any posts made by you, will be hidden to the individuals or list you select. Be sure to “Save Changes” when you’re done.

4. The Privacy settings screen should now show the default as “Custom”

5. If you are interested to check that you have done this properly, you can also preview your profile through the eyes of the people you are restricting access to. To do this, go to your main timeline page and on the right of your name, you’ll see the dropdown arrow (next to “Activity log”). Here you can select “View As”

Which then gives you the option to select a person from your friends list (just start typing a name and they will appear in a dropdown). You can then see your page as they see it.

For Album privacy settings, select “Custom” from the dropdown options and there you will get the same kind of dialogue box shown in step 3 above. Just add the list or individual to the “Hide this from” field to the relevant albums.


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Creating “lists” in Facebook allows you to manage your overall friends list more easily in terms of contact groups, and in particular it allows you to separate your friends into groups of people so that you can decide who can see what areas of your profile. This is much easier than having to edit permissions for individual people and settings every time you accept a friend request, as you can simply add them to the group and it’s done!

For example, you may want to accept a friend request from someone, but you don’t really want them to be able to view your status updates or wall posts in general. Or maybe you want them to have access to your wall posts, but not all, or certain photo albums. I’ll cover that separately, but for now, here is how to create a list.

1. From your Facebook “Home” page, select “Friends” from the left hand sidebar. This will give you the option to “Create List” (screenshot below).

2. Once you select “Create List”, you can give the list a name and select the members to appear in that list. Just start typing the person’s name and it will appear in the dropdown. You can of course select multiple people for this group. Click “Create” once you’re done.

You’ll now be able to see this new list in the left hand sidebar of your “Home” page.

*Applicable to the current Timeline Facebook layout.

You can now follow the next tutorial on restricting access to certain areas of your Facebook profile.

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