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Maybe if these so called admirers had bothered to learn how to spell my name properly, I may not have rejected their advances. For the record, my name does not contain any of the following letters: Q, A, or E.


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So what does he look like? Here is a photo he included with one of his letters. I actually have clearer ones in the high school year book, but that would be mean.. Nice legs huh!


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I think this one was the most touching of all.. It was the last letter I was to receive from creepy exchange student, and the most heartfelt. My favourite parts are when he mentions he was “very stifling” and that he cannot “rub me out”…. Oh , and the “song” he mentions was a cassette tape with a Guns ‘n Roses song on it (I forget which one?)… I’m sure it was as special as his letters though. I’ll never forget you creepy exchange student.



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This time he mentions something about my friends car.. I think what happened was a group of friends and I saw him outside the school gates when school was finished for the day, and they thought it would be funny to invite him for a ride. Obviously they were all aware of the letters and were doing their best to bring us together like good friends do…



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Just when I thought it was a one-off, creepy exchange student gave me another letter.


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Oh creepy Korean exchange student..you had such a way with words…


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This was a letter a friend of mine wrote and suggested I should give to the exchange student. Of course I never did give it to him, I am not that cruel… all the time.

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